Statement from the President

Our youth are being victimized by gun-violence at an ever-increasing rate. Sometimes we can’t even go a day without the television replaying tragic stories of a young person dying due to a gun. This causes trauma not only to the family and friends of the victim, but also to the life of the person who pulled the trigger, who is now incarcerated and stigmatized, forever an outcast in society. Families and friends on both sides must bear the loss of even more children to rampant and reckless gun violence. Although many solutions have been proposed throughout the years, we feel that the solutions are within the young people who actually live with and among their peers who are committing and are victims of these crimes.

That is why this mixtape CD entitled Miami-Dade Partners for Peace (or “MDP4P”) is such an important tool for our community. This CD and the other assets built into this project (like an interactive website and follow-up anti-gun violence song postings and contests) give our young people hope and lets them know that they have a voice in this fight to save their own MDP4P is a tool that also helps teachers, program directors, parents, pastors, police, elected officials and others hear what the many causes and solutions of the problem, directly from the minds and hearts of those youth who have to live among the future gunshot victims and life snatchers.

With that in mind, be sure to pass this CD to all your peers and encourage young people within your circle to post their own anti-gun violence messages to our website at miamidadepartnersforpeace.com. These messages will be shared with many other youths in this fight to change the culture where life is so meaningless to some kids that they feel compelled to freely and with very little remorse or forethought take it from another who, like the shooter, has his whole life to live. Encourage each other to become partners for peace in this struggle. I wish to thanks all of the agencies, sponsors, youth leaders and staff who made this project possible. Most of all I thank the many young people who cared enough to contribute their voices to this project, and those who will be participating in our next anti-gun violence CD project in the near future. As is said in some of the songs, remember to treat life as a blessing and we can someday be a part of a great movement away from gun play and beef and towards love, respect and lifting each other up.


Thomas W. Demerritte, MPA
Founder, President and Producer
The ADMIT Program, Inc.

From the Office of the Chairman:

On behalf of the ADMIT Program’s Board of Directors, please allow me this opportunity to personally thank all in attendance for supporting this unique and timely event. The release of this anti-gun violence CD not only gives our youth a voice in a critical issue that affects us all, but it also demonstrates their understanding of the topic and their willingness to give their peers and adults their own profound yet proactive message. The training and production staff of the ADMIT Program, led by ADMIT Founder and Director Thomas Demerritte, are highly efficient professionals who understand that teaching youth about various career paths in the music industry has to be delivered with the mindset that education is key to the growth, preservation and safety of our community. The Board keenly understands that arts have always been instrumental in addressing issues in our community. We implore the parents, community leaders and other supporters to join this creative effort and engage the youth in programs (including those shown on our website at www.mdp4p.com) that ensure their proper maturation and safety. Meanwhile, please sit back, enjoy and applaud the great performances, and share this potentially life-saving CD with young people within your circle of concern.

Peace and Blessings:

John Westmoreland,
ADMIT Program Board Chairman

Girlean “Gigi” Tinsley, Board Member
Samuel Grant, Board Member